10 Motivational Tips For Our Sales Team And Get Profitable Return In Pharmaceutical Franchisee Business

MotivationAn unmotivated sales team is like a negative approach towards your company’s growth. Your business will get doomed if you cannot lift up the mood of your sales team. If they are not interested in participating in incentive and team building programs, then your business is equally doomed. As sales reps stand at front lines of operations in pharmaceutical franchise business, therefore; you better start to look for ways and encourage your team.

Look into ten tips

For the motivating sales team, team manager and business owners, you need to create a goal oriented and fun culture. It must encourage friendly competition and recognize the ways in which, a rep needs to be awarded.

  1. Always incorporate fantasy sports, where players will earn points for everything they do. For example, a rep can easily earn points by introducing a new medical term or dealing with any profit driven ideas.
  2. Reward your sales representative with any desk or office gadget, as a part of their award.it can either be something related to the medical use or even any simple toy.
  3. For creating a fun environment, you have to incorporate good food. Gift the sales team with a dinner or lunch party, when a big assignment gets over. Promise them about the food party beforehand, which will drive their performance.
  4. Yoga classes are important if you want your sales department to relax. Start off a hectic day with yoga classes, which will refresh the mind of sales people and they will start their day with more energy.
  5. It is important to organize almost daily games and contests, solely based on key performance indicators. It will morally boost up the zeal of sales people. Incorporate any simple games, where they do not have to incorporate any knowledge.
  6. Call out for their spouses and arrange a family get-together, sort of! You can create some award trips, where the salesman will get tickets for two or four if he can fulfill the big assignment.
  7. Provide your sales group with helping classes. Let them interact with customers well and medical representative properly, which helps in a further increment in profitable deals. A little help from your side can go a long way!
  8. For that extra morale boost up, publicly recognize their accomplishment. After a hard day at work, everyone craves for some appreciation. If you can provide them with that little help, it will boost up his self-confidence.
  9. On last day of each month, each salesperson who has hit the quota must get a reward by spending some time in the nearby bar. It helps in rejuvenating their nerves and motivate them more for a team bonding.
  10. It might sound a little bit crazy, but the person with most “no’s” in a business will receive a gift check at the end of the month. However, there will be some clauses, associated with it.

Feel rejuvenated and let your pharmaceutical franchise business grow, with these motivational tips. Follow the steps proficiently, and you will see the profitable returns score high.

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