Arbro Pharmaceuticals launches Vkap-D3 for the treatment of Vitamin- D Deficiency in India

We are elated to announce that on 5th   of  August 2022, we have successfully launched Vkap-D3, a plant-based capsule  at Sarovar Portico, Naraina in  New Delhi, India. Vkap-D3 contains Vitamin D3 60,000 IU in a unique liquid-filled hard vegetarian capsule shell – made of HPMC (having plant-based origin) to help treat Vitamin D deficiency.

Vkap-D3 is presented in a vegetarian capsules shell which will lead to better acceptance with the large vegetarian population of the country who are averse to consuming gelatin capsules. There are various advantages to using HPMC capsules: it is chemically and thermally more stable compared to soft gelatin, making it more suitable for the harsh and varied temperature conditions during distribution and storage in India.

Vkap-D3 is an oral, Vitamin D (60,000 IU weekly) regimen that rapidly normalizes 25 (OH) D levels and ensures better symptomatic relief than a daily dosage of 1000 IU for the same duration.Studies indicate that 76 percent of Indians suffer from Vitamin D deficiency and insufficiency.

The sedentary lifestyle, less exposure to sunlight, pollution, lack of proper nutrition and consumption of ultra-processed foods is leading to Vitamin D deficiency. Vkap-D3 will be effective in dealing with Vitamin D deficiency in people. Vitamin D facilitates in maintaining the functions of our body’s nerves and muscles, cardiovascular, respiratory, and immune system and improves the overall quality of life.

The event was zealously joined by our Pharma Sales, Marketing Team and Corporate honchos. Commenting on the development Executive Director of ARBRO and Managing Director of Auriga Research Pvt Ltd, Dr Saurabh Arora said, “There is a very high prevalence of Vitamin D deficiency in India with some studies reporting as high as 90 per cent of the population having Vitamin D deficiency. VKap-D3 has been developed to provide a bioavailable and stable formulation using unique vegetarian capsule shells, so that this essential therapy can reach an even larger population”.

Vitamin D3 medication is commonly recommended for people at risk for vitamin D deficiency. Low vitamin D levels cause depression, fatigue, and muscle weakness. Over time, vitamin D deficiency can lead to weak bones, rickets in children, and osteoporosis in adults.

For any query related to the product you can Contact us or fill out our Quick Query Form Or drop an e-mail to [email protected]

Picture of Dr Saurabh Arora

Dr Saurabh Arora

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