Clinical testing for cruelty free claims of your product

Have you created a cosmetic product that you would like to see manufactured, branded, and promoted? Did you consider running some clinical trials on it? The clinical testing of your cosmetic products authenticates your product claims.  It not only ensures safety and efficacy but also makes your packaging and marketing more powerful and authentic. If your product claims are supported by robust evidence then your chances of a successful cosmetic business becomes a reality.

Why do consumers look for clinical testing?

The new age consumers have become more demanding and advertising authorities have become more vigilant so it is important that your cosmetic product should go through clinical testing for cruelty free claims . The potential customers will be able to view real life results through the information provided to them along with graphic illustrations and detailed statistics. It ultimately helps the buyers to   understand the true benefits of a cosmetic product.

Whether you are a novice in cosmetic industry or legacy brand, claim substantiation is something you can’t ignore. Clinical testing of your cosmetic product will give it an edge in the competitive market. Consumers tend to be skeptical about the claims of cosmetic products. This is why clinical trials assure real life results of using the cosmetic and it enhances the credibility and authenticity  of your brand.

So if you are ready with your cosmetic product and you want it to be branded and promoted then clinical trials for cruelty free claims will test the authenticity of your brand and boost your cosmetic business as well as consumer’s confidence in you.

Inspiration from cruelty free legacy brands

The cosmetic brands work with statisticians, biochemists, medical doctors, dentists, dermatologists, and many more.  Together the companies strengthen their products credibility and stand tall when it comes to product claims and factors related to it. This in turn becomes the strength of their advertising campaigns and product legitimacy. The clinical testing plays a major role in enhancing their products and gaining consumers in less time and retains them for a long time.

Impact of clinical trials

Clinical testing or clinical trials assess any effects that a cosmetic product might have on its consumers. It examines and considers the ingredients and their relevant toxicological endpoints and ensures that it is free from animal experimentation.

Regulatory Requirements

The EU has developed several protection standards. The testing of finished cosmetic products on animals has been banned since 2004. This ban was extended to apply to the testing of the ingredients of cosmetic products on animals in 2009. It is also prohibited to place any product on the market if the product or its ingredients have been tested on animals.

Clinical Trials for real life results

Clinical trials can boost the credibility and popularity of your brand through efficacy testing, dermal safety, and cruelty free claims, PETA certification, and dermatologically tested products. The published test results make your product authentic among your target audience that will ultimately strengthen your cosmetic business.

Cruelty-Free products to avoid unethical means

Apparently, there is a growing demand for cruelty-free products. Besides, environmental enthusiasts emphasize ethical and conscious shopping for consumers. A growing number of today’s consumers want their favourite cosmetic  products with long shelf life and without animal testing.

In fact, cruelty-free cosmetics are one of the fastest growing segments in the beauty industry. Consumers are now inclined towards products which are free from any unethical means and animal byproducts as ingredients.

This rising awareness and considerable shift in purchasing patterns has encouraged manufacturers to embrace cruelty-free practices and testing their products for cruelty-free claims to certify that their products are of desired standard.                  

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)

Cruelty-free certification is the gold standard for consumers. Moreover PETA’s cruelty free logo on product is ultimate proof that the products are free from animal cruelty. In order to be listed as “cruelty-free” with PETA a company must agree that it will not conduct or allow tests on animals for any of their ingredients, formulations, and products, anywhere in the world.

Dermatologically Tested

A wide range of cosmetic products claims to be dermatologically tested. It means that the product was tested by a dermatologist on human volunteers for tolerance testing to ensure that it does not lead to severe skin reactions.

 A ‘dermatologically tested’ product indicates;

  • product has been tested on human skin
  • formula has been found to be mostly safe when applied to the skin.
  • The finished product was well tolerated by persons who tested it on their skin, and in most cases, it did not cause skin reactions.

Functional claims

The functional claims of cosmetic products which asserts that it reduces wrinkles, increases hair density or makes skin firmer in 7 days and several other such claims must not be misleading and it should be supported by scientific evidence and clinical trials.

Alternatives to animal testing

  •   Cell cultures
  •   Human tissues
  •   Computer models
  •   Volunteer studies
  •   Medical breakthroughs using humans

Our services

Our team of clinical testing experts specializes in designing and conducting clinical testing methodologies from our network of laboratories in PAN India locations.

Our R&D network works together to discover and advance the most modern, scientific cosmetic testing methodologies in the world. Our toxicologists and safety experts analyze every cosmetic ingredient.  If needed, experiments are conducted using state-of-the-art in vitro tests and computer-based models to expand our understanding of the ingredient’s safety profile.

We also evaluate each ingredient to ensure that it meets the requirements of governmental, regulatory, and scientific bodies. We evaluate the safety of the ingredient as part of a cosmetic formula.

We work closely with you across the entire product life-cycle and help you ensure the product quality at each stage which is critical for market success. We also support you with ingredient analysis for selecting the best ingredients even before the prototype development begins and also test prototypes for compliance with internal as well as regulatory requirements. We provide analytical and quality control testing support during scale up and process validation studies and also conduct stability studies to establish the shelf life of your products.

Once the product goes into commercial manufacturing we support you with monitoring the manufacturing facilities, testing the raw materials, QC release testing of the products and ongoing stability studies. In the case of market complaints we also support you with full investigations to identify the cause, validity by testing the products and the ingredients used for manufacturing the particular batch.  

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