Why it is Important to Develop Cosmetic Products Prototype

Cosmetic products that we all use to beautify, rectify and glorify our skin could be potentially harmful; this is why it has to go through tests and certifications before launching it in the market. The active ingredients of the cosmetic products must be mentioned on the product label to avoid any allergic reaction among consumers.

Here comes the role and importance of manufacturing cosmetic product prototypes to stave off any harmful impact on the skin. Your cosmetic product prototype will take your manufacturing process a step ahead. You must have a deep insight of your product while you decide to create a prototype.

Significance of product prototype

  • A prototype of your product will clearly show its outcome and need for any modification if required.
  • Gives an idea of the end product aesthetics and whether the product is in line with what you actually wanted to create.
  • Ensures that the product is ready for mass production after testing and going through the stages of prototyping.
  • Test the performance of different ingredients of your cosmetic product.
  • Shows economic viability of your products

Cosmetic prototyping is an essential stage of your cosmetic business. Primarily, the certification process involves three phases : initial testing, lab testing, and real-life testing.

Prototyping will give an idea of how your product will appear be it its texture, color, or consistency. This will give you confidence going ahead with the process and ensure customer satisfaction.

Manufacturing Cosmetic Prototypes

  • When the idea of the product is formed, an initial prototype is made by the manufacturer.
  • Even if the product may not have all the required ingredients, texture however it gives the same result as the end product.
  • A pre-production prototype is an indispensable requirement and it indeed requires specific laboratory conditions.
  •  A special mixer is filled with ingredients and air is taken out of the container to prevent unwanted chemical reactions and formation of air bubbles. The mixture is heated up to boiling temperature.
  • In the last stage if the test goes well the prototype is finalized with packaging.

Ways to make prototypes

  • It is always a good idea to create a benchmark while formulating a product. Pick any best selling product in the market be it hair care product, personal care or skin care.
  • Develop baseline and notice differences
  • Test your prototype and rate it for most important feature
  • Compare samples
  • Get opinions’
  • Performance test in laboratory

At the time of your product prototyping you can explore ample possibilities and scope to give finesse and excellence to your product.  You can see if there is any requirement of further improvement or any lacuna in the formulation of the product. This indeed is the best phase of product development wherein you can take massive steps before giving it the final touch.

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