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Hand Sanitizer manufacturer in Delhi

Arbro Pharmaceuticals Private Limited is a leading pharmaceutical manufacturing company and Hand sanitizer manufacturer in New Delhi. The company is WHO GMP certified and has various approvals from national and international agencies.

To support the fight against coronavirus covid-19 the company has started manufacturing the high-quality hand sanitizers in different packings, the hand sanitizers are available in pack sizes ranging from 100 milliliters to bulk packs of 5,000 milliliter. The products are manufactured in the best condition and tested at various steps to ensure that the manufactured hands sanitizer is of the highest quality.

Arbro is a leading manufacturer of hands sanitizer with very large capacity available for manufacturing of hand sanitizer. We have a state of the art testing and quality control infrastructure for testing the hand sanitizers allowing us to manufacture hand sanitizer of the highest quality.

Every batch of hand sanitizer manufactured at our plant is tested and evaluated through a series of quality control parameters to tightly control the quantity and quality of alcohol in the product, which is very crucial to ensure that the hand sanitizer has the required activity. 

We also manufacture alcohol-free hand sanitizer based on an internationally accepted formula which can be readily exported around the world. 

Our products are available through our extensive network of distributor and retailers and through online portals as essential commodities are being delivered by them.

For bulk orders of hand sanitizer, you can contact us directly. our hand sanitizer is listed on GeM portal also and can be procured directly by government agencies from the portal. 

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