Identifying Your Target Audience in Cosmetic Business

Are you thinking of starting a cosmetic business or wondering who your target audience should be? Then you must go by the old adage that “If you try to sell to everyone, then you’ll end up selling to no-one.” You must choose your target audience before coming up with your cosmetic product. It is significant to narrow down your product niche so that you can go ahead with a focused cosmetic brand strategy. Moreover your niche is not confined to particular age or demographics as you can come up with a unifying idea to have a larger consumer base beyond gender and age. 

So whether you are planning to target consumers who are looking for anti-aging cream or a teenager who wants to get rid of pimple issues on oily skin, it is crucial to have a target audience before diving into the world of cosmetic business. The cosmetic industry has limitless options and the best way to steer clear your way to success is to have a defined target audience and an astounding communication strategy with a notion to make powerful connections with potential consumers. 

Micro targeting

Micro targeting will help you understand consumer behavior and create segments of buyers. Analyzing and identifying the attributes of consumers who have used your product as their data and choices of product will help you gain like-minded consumers. Choose quality over quantity to reach the right audience for your cosmetic product.

What’s a target audience?

A specific group that you want to reach with your marketing strategy is your target audience. These people typically share one (or more) similar characteristics that make them best suited for your product or service. Various studies reflect that by narrowing your focus and only targeting specific audiences who will be most interested in your products will gradually expand your market.  Create an imaginary representation of your potential customers to understand your target audience.

How to find your target audience

Analyze your current customers

Research the demographics of your established customer base. You can look for common factors like age, geographic location, and employment status. The results will certainly give you an idea of purchasing intentions in the future.

Cosmetics brands have quickly moved from a product-based model to an experience-based model. Consumers look for interactive experience with their cosmetics brands which become a part of their lifestyle.

Audience Research to catch on purchasing patterns

There is always a scope that even being a small brand you can grab a larger audience by strategic targeting and product marketing. Smaller brands can do miracles with extensive research.

Beauty Blogs and YouTube

Beauty blogs and YouTube have become a popular source of consumer communication for buying cosmetic products.

Affinity audiences

Affinity audiences are useful to advertisers who are looking to raise awareness and drive consideration among affinity groups that have a strong interest in their products.

Ways to identify the right target audience for your brand:

Market research to analyze socio- economic aspect

A proper market research will throw light on

  •  Location (local, national or international)
  • Demographics (age, gender, occupation, income level, marital status)
  • Psychographics (values, hobbies, lifestyle, personality, attitude, behavior)
  • Market trends
  • Economic shifts
  •  Customer’s purchasing habits
  •  Buyer Persona
  • Competition

Be a problem solver

In cosmetic business it is quite important to have solutions and knowledge of the consumer’s needs and expectations.

Connect with your existing consumers

Learn about your consumer’s experiences and expectations from a cosmetic brand. Knowing them well will take you a step ahead to come up with products which they like to order.

Multi segment marketing for outright result

Leave no stone unturned by tapping every possibility though digital marketing, social media, PR and blogs. This in turn will gain consumers and strengthen overall purchase from different segments of society.

Begin with brand loyalty

Brand loyalty will ultimately boost your cosmetic business in a magnificent way.

Craft your niche 

In a competitive market of cosmetic business it is profitable to create your niche and focus on your Unique Selling Proposition (USP). A hyper-focused target audience will give an idea of your potential consumers’ interests and choices. A specific action plan with your target audience will increase the chances of success.

Start a blog

Write blogs about your product on your website to draw the attention of viewers. Promote your product through the power of content.  Highlighting benefits, features and remedies will gain consumers for your cosmetic products.

Highlight the efficacy of your product

Emphasize on the quality of your product’s ingredients and how it can solve the consumer’s problem.

Promote your popular product

Highlight the best ingredients and their effect on the skin. A great product description about how a particular product can help customers will let your consumers know whether that product is suitable for them.

Customer reviews to create authenticity

A consumer who is satisfied with your product will give great reviews that will enhance your brand’s image. The testimonials of your loyal customers on your website, ads and social media accounts will make your brand more popular trustable.  

In our next blog we will talk about how to define your Unique Selling Proposition popularly known as USP and how it can make you different from your competitors in the cosmetic industry. We will also highlight the pricing factor of your products and how it justifies the goodness and quality of your cosmetics.  

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