Packaging and Container Closure for Your Cosmetic Products

The packaging of your cosmetic products can influence your branding and the container closure can create your own brand story. Interestingly, container closure  is an important aspect of the total packaging of your cosmetic product and it can create a massive impact on the experience of consumers and certainly an indelible brand impression.  How a closure of a cosmetic product looks and functions with the rest of the package and product inside  the container plays a crucial role in the success of your cosmetic brand. Be it a bottle, jars, tubes or any other packaging the closure system seals the content from inside and protects it from any kind of external exposure. It also assists in the easy dispensing of the product. 

Purpose and importance of container closure in cosmetic business

  • To keep the container properly closed and the contents safe for the specified shelf life until time of opening.  
  • Provide a barrier to dirt, oxygen, moisture, etc. and control the permeation. 
  • Provide a scope for reclosing or reusing the container. 
  • Assist in dispensing and use of product
  • To make it easy for the consumers to open the container.
  • The packaging with their closures must be regulated for strength, safety, security, communication, recycling, and environmental requirements. 


The packaging closures should be in accordance with the product inside the package and how the consumers are going to use it in their daily lives.  

Screw top

A screw closure is a mechanical device which is screwed on and off of a threaded “finish” on a container. Either continuous threads (C-T) or lugs are used. Plastic caps may use several types of molded polymer.

CRCs – Child Resistant Closures

The packaging must be made in a way that should be difficult for children under five years of age. 

Tamper Evident Closures

In this type of closure a band is connected to the tamper evident cap itself to be broken in order to open it. This indicates to the consumers that the bottle has been opened as the band disengages from the cap.

Dispensing Closures

The dispensing closures are appropriate for dry products.  Sprayers and pumps are a variety of dispensing closures. 

Snap on

In this type of closure the top is designed to pry off or have a built-in dispenser. 

Spray bottle

A spray bottle is a bottle that can dispense, spray or mist fluids. A common use for spray bottles is dispensing cleaners and cosmetics. 

Suffice to say that a container closure that enhances your cosmetic products overall aesthetic appearance thereby protecting the shelf life of the cosmetic product  will be the best choice for your product line.  The idea is to protect the product and make your consumers adore the packaging due to its quality and ease of using it.

In our next blog we will throw light on stability testing of your  cosmetic products.  

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