Rise of Direct to Customer Brands; the best time to start your own business

Are you thinking of starting your own Direct to Customer (D2C) cosmetic brand? Have you ever thought of creating a successful cosmetic business to connect with the choices and needs of the new generation of shoppers?

If you’re an entrepreneur and planning to dive into the cosmetic industry or you already have a business and are thinking of shifting to the D2C model then it’s time to forget all worries and bring your product to market with your own brand story. What’s amazing about direct to customer business is that you are the owner, founder and leader of your own brand.

Remarkably, the direct-to-consumer model is gaining immense popularity among small brands especially in the post Covid scenario. The consumers prefer to shop online through various channels which has tremendously increased the opportunity to excel for D2C brands. 

Several reports indicate that addressable market size for this industry would be $100 billion by 2025. The cosmetic industry is growing at a rapid pace. The global cosmetic market is expected to garner $429.8 billion by 2022. There is an ever-growing demand for all types of cosmetics among varied sections of buyers. This is why there are ample business opportunities and scope in the cosmetic industry.

How to achieve a successful direct to customer cosmetic brand

It is the right time to start your cosmetic brand or to increase your customer base beyond any geographic and economic ambit. D2C business is an astounding idea to begin your unforgettable journey in the cosmetic industry.

A glance at ways to create a powerful Direct to Customer cosmetic brand;

Know your customer

The D2C business gives the opportunity to directly connect with consumers and know their choice, needs and expectations from a cosmetic brand. Customer data plays a vital role in direct marketing. In case of any glitch or product return you can find out the reasons and deliver a better product in future.

Less time to establish in market

You can land up in a market with a wide array of products in quite a less time. All you need to do is launch your own website once your product is available and sell it anywhere with shipping facilities.

Brand Awareness and control over economy

In the D2C business model price, promotion, and placement are directly in your control. You can slash or increase the price as per your business requirements. Moreover, you can offer discounts and promotions and control the entire flow of sales with your own wisdom.

Widen your horizon

The D2C cosmetic business breaks all the traditional barriers of supply chains and gives you an opportunity to sell it across the world among your target audience.

DTC Marketing strategy

You can use ample methods for marketing your cosmetic products through websites, social media email campaigns, youtube and many more. The idea is to communicate with your customers and know their feedback, sales, solve their queries and respond in no time.  

Digitally native brand

Take advantage of digital marketing channels to widen your reach and save the expenditure and complexities of physical locations as you don’t have to hire staff unlike traditional retail instead of that you can focus on product efficacy, brand loyalty and customer loyalty.

Why are Direct-to-consumer brands growing?

The Direct-to-consumer brands have got a fillip as the cosmetics and personal care industry is booming in India. Over the past few years, there has been a steady rise in people consuming beauty products beyond gender bias.  The rising awareness, self-care and rising  internet users  have been a few reasons which have added to the growing popularity of cosmetics.

Tips to get started with your D2C cosmetic brand;

Create Your Website

Your website will play a vital role in building your brand. It will help your customers to know your product well before purchasing it. The product’s picture and adequate description on your website will give clarity to the consumers.

List Your Products

List your cosmetic products as per the category and ensure that the products are easy to find  with the help of search bars. Distinguish your categories so that products do not overlap and customers can easily find them on your website.

Invest in product images

Your product images must be attractive and clear so that consumers get the appropriate texture of the products. Product photography will be a wonderful way to gain customers’ attention.


Return policy to retain the customers

You must have a proper return policy as the ease of returning products gains customers loyalty and repeat purchase.

Best time to start your own D2C cosmetic business

Start your D2C business with these simple steps to be a paragon in cosmetic business;

Craft your niche

Choose a niche as per your interest and expertise. Figure out the products that you are willing to sell especially when you are starting your business. Identify your unique skills, values, passion and strength.  Focusing on one area in which you have experience and familiarity will boost your business in less time.

Know the regulatory requirements

You must be aware  of the FDA’s regulations about the manufacturing and labelling of cosmetic products and its guidelines concerning the sale, labelling and production. You must ensure the safety and authenticity of your cosmetic products and ingredients should be in compliance with federal labelling restrictions. 

D2C Marketing plan

Enhance trust and strengthen customer loyalty with customer data , purchasing inclinations, social media profiles, and location and personalised experience through emails while creating a sense of community and encouraging people to share their experiences with your brand.

Prioritise customer service

It can’t be denied that customer satisfaction correlates with business outcomes. Happy customers lead to growth, money and sustainability. Whether it’s your product, manufacturing, and marketing or sales every step is enhanced with great customer service.  Moreover in a direct to customer business model your customer is your priority more than anything else. So, you must have a proper plan to handle customer queries and offer solutions in the best possible way and build your brand’s reputation.

If you are willing to turn your startup business into a successful brand then  you must go through our blog series on how to start a cosmetic business and take it to zenith  with the right strategy and skills . Make your dream of a successful cosmetic  business  a reality. Our next blog will be on identifying your target audience with  appropriate research and understanding of economic status and demographics to turn your small business into a huge success in the cosmetic industry.

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