Sampling and Marketing in Cosmetic Business

Can I trust this cosmetic brand? Are the products authentic? Will it be suitable for my skin? Usually these are the questions in the mind of consumers when they come across a new cosmetic or a beauty product. There is so much noise and competition in the market, so how do you stand out? Instead of reiterating the benefits and efficacy of a cosmetic product it is more effective to show a vivid demonstration of your product to gain trust and certainty in the mind of consumers. 

Your cosmetic product sample can play a massive role in steering the consumers towards your product.  The best way is to make them feel and see the effect and indeed your samples will make it happen in a favorable way.  In a cosmetic business your product samples are a decisive factor in convincing consumers about the goodness of your product. It is one of the essential steps before launching your product in the market. 

No wonder several studies show that 65 percent of consumers purchase the product after testing and trying it. According to Euromonitor International, a free sample is the fourth largest influencer in the purchasing process. As a growing business it is important that your products reach the right hands to increase sales and strengthen your grip in the minds of consumers and gain their loyalty towards your brand. It is beneficial to give samples for trials to your customer and leave them asking for more.

Product sampling is a significant and inevitable step when you have created a new cosmetic brand. 

What samples can do for you?

  • Brand exposure
  • Customized result 
  • Receive honest reviews 
  • Scope to make improvements and modifications as per the sample reviews. 
  • Way to expand your audience and immerse customers’ experience with your brand story. 
  • Elate your customers with a free cosmetic sample and get to know their experience while using the product. 

Now let’s have a look at the different ways of product sampling;

Beauty advisors at counters

Beauty advisors or beauty consultants have advanced knowledge of products and they explain why a particular product is effective, what type of skin it is suitable for and how to apply it. They give consultations, demonstrations, and also makeovers to suit a customer’s needs. 

Direct Product Sampling

In direct sampling free samples of a product are given to customers along with other product purchases.  But you will not get quick feedback with this method. 

Dry Sampling

It is an approach in which you offer your product to customers and explain the usage and ask them to take the sample home. In this way you get an opportunity to interact with your customer. 

Event-Based Sampling

This is the best platform to distribute your samples and generate the interest of consumers. This will involve the cost of event sponsorship and value of free samples. 

Supermarket Sampling

If more people are reaching the product, the better your chances of achieving sales and growing your business, the overall cost is low.

How customer’s benefit through sampling?

Chance to try a new product

Customers get a chance to try a new product through your sample which is a way to explore something that is not in their daily routine. This inculcates trust and introduces them to a new brand and new set of choices in the market pool.  Moreover, if a consumer likes the sample of your product there is   a fair chance that the consumer will buy the full version of the product.  

Customers Feedback

Your sample is a way to get customers feedback as you give them a platform and call to action in order to send you their experience of using your cosmetic and beauty product. In this way they compare the products with other competitors in the market and their feedback will give you an opportunity to make any desired changes, improve, enhance or go ahead in the market to focus on your target audience. 

Key factors to consider before coming up with your product sample

Know Your Goal

Choose the Right Sample

Whether you want to bring a new product to market or modify the existing product it is important that you bring the right sample to the market to gain loyal customers who can buy your actual product. Decide weight, size, and volume of your sample product to reach the significant customers who are most likely to make a purchase. Target them as per gender, age, demographics and lifestyle. 

Choose the Right Product And Platform to Promote Your Brand

Make sure that you choose the product that fits the lifestyle of your target audience.  Social media is the best way to promote your brand and to spread brand awareness.  

Ask for Feedback

Consumer’s feedback is important for your business and marketing of cosmetic products. It is vital to identify buying patterns of consumers according to demographics, lifestyle habits, choices, and purchasing power of consumers. This will eventually help in sales and marketing. 

Why do sample works in the beauty business?

  • Sample can connect consumers with your product 
  • When consumers come in direct contact with your product they can easily feel the texture or consistency of the product. They get firsthand knowledge and experience while using the product. 
  • Consumers experience for brand’s authenticity
  • When consumers use a beauty product sample they get a chance to experience the effect of the product as they don’t have to depend on others opinions. Moreover, this process attracts more buyers and introduces your brand among your target audience. 
  • Consumers get a platform to contact you
  • If the consumers have any query regarding your product they can easily contact you through the information that you provide. This indeed is a great way to be responsive and eager to make any changes if required. It certainly inculcates trust among consumers and that will make them come back to you to buy your products. 

Here are few sampling methods;

  •  Traditional sampling

In traditional sampling methods consumers receive free samples from the retail store. Notably, 35 percent of consumers who try the sample come back to the same store. Moreover, consumers also come to the store to get the sample for testing the effects of a cosmetic product. 

  • Webshop sampling

The consumer receives a free sample to try with the purchase of other products. 

  • Digital methods

The covid pandemic has changed the shopping experience of consumers as the sampling campaign has taken a digital outlook mainly on websites and social media pages. Sampling has become an integral strategy for marketers who are willing to reach their consumers on social media platforms.

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