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Advantages of Trademark Registration for Cosmetic Brand, Goods & Products

So you have started your direct to customer cosmetic brand with defined target audience, demographics and a powerful USP.  The next smart move will be to protect your brand by getting trademark registration and website domain.  Your branding strategy and branding decisions will play an indispensable role in the success of your cosmetic business. 

Indeed, it is the perfect time to start your lucrative journey in the cosmetic business as the influx of beauty brands and product lines to meet the customers’ needs is turning more inclusive, cruelty free and inquisitive. The skincare market is bombarded with a variety of products.

Advantages of Trademark Registration

Exclusive Rights over your Trademark 

The trademark registration will give you exclusive rights. This gives the right to sue the unauthorized user of the Trademark Registered.

Trust and goodwill

Your cosmetic product will be known by your trademark that ultimately establishes trust and good will among the customers in the market. It hooks the customers to your brand as they would always like to come back to you.

Let your customers find your product

Trademark creates an identity of your product as it acts as a commercial tool.  The logo can communicate your vision, quality or unique characteristic of your cosmetic brand.

Recognition to product’s Quality

It gives recognition to the quality of the product. Customers usually relate the product’s quality with the brand name and the image of your cosmetic brand in the market reflects the quality of a particular brand which helps in attracting new customers as they can differentiate the quality of a product by the logo/brand name. Your trademark logo will be exclusive and legal.

Strong online presence

 The right domain name for your website plays a significant role in building your brand online. Your website name should be easy to remember and must match your brand name, this will ultimately help customers to easily find you online.

Trademark Brand Name and logo registration for cosmetics goods and products


  • You will need guidance for creation of a unique trademark.
  • Brand name selection will be important for the registration process. 
  •    Verification of trademark through trademark databases in India. 
  • Responding to questions of the trademark examiner/registrar.
  •   Tackling the possible cases of Trademark Opposition

How to register trademark for cosmetics goods and products

Category 3 and 5 

Selecting the category of trademark registration is an important milestone as it will represent a distinct class of cosmetic products . You should register your cosmetic product in category 3 and 5 of trademark classification. 

Know About Trademark

As per the Trademarks Act, 1999, a phrase, logo, design, and combination of colors or shapes, etc should show uniqueness of a brand or the product and differentiate it from other brands in the market. 

Why Trademark Registration is crucial for your cosmetic brand?

  • A unique Brand logo is the most valuable asset of any business.
  •  Consumers can quickly identify your product or services easily.
  •    Protect your brand logo from duplication by others.

A glance at steps required for registration

  •      Mature and expert guidance for creation of any unique trademark or service-mark.
  •        Trademark application filing with the relevant zonal trademark registry office of India.
  •   Responding to questions of the trademark examiner/registrar. 
  •  Tackling the possible cases of Trademark Opposition.
  •  Getting the certificate of Trademark Registration.

Choosing the right domain name for your cosmetic business

It is one of the most significant steps which will give a fillip to your cosmetic business. You should choose a domain name that is available for purchase keeping the budget in your mind. The domain name will give you following benefits;

Prioritizing Branding and make it come in fore

The first decision you need to make when choosing your domain name is whether you’ll prioritize uniqueness and branding or targeting a particular keyword or phrase. It is important for you to  decide how you plan to get traffic to your site. If organic search engine traffic will be your priority, you’ll probably want to utilize some keywords in your domain. If you’re focusing on social media, pay-per-click advertising, or affiliate marketing then targeting a keyword in your domain is not crucial.

Benefits of website domain name for your cosmetic brand

It helps establish the business identity

Your domain name should speak your brand and the domain extension helps to strengthen your identity and brand name.  If your website and domain name are the same it increases your internet traffic and becomes apparent to your customers.

Easy and catchy domain name

Choose a domain name that is easy and attractive so that the consumers will find it easy to reckon.

Connect with your market

A  high quality domain name enables you to speak directly to your target market by setting more precise expectations regarding your cosmetic products.

Control your brand

If you don’t secure your preferred business domain name, somebody else could purchase it and you might lose control over your brand. So it is important to secure your domain name first. 

Credibility and professionalism to your cosmetic business

A personal domain name adds authenticity and credibility to your brand thereby increasing the chances of its success. 

Customers should know what to expect

  • If your website is easy to browse and navigate, the chances of sale increase to a major extent.
  • One of the most effective and lasting methods of reaching potential customers is through a well-developed and maintained website.
  •   From a marketing aspect you can create a lasting brand image with the right domain name.
  • Your online success will certainly begin with a great domain.

Protecting your brand name is a pivotal step in the journey of a successful cosmetic business. Through trademark registration and appropriate domain name you can strengthen the chance of your success without any flaws. In the next blog we will share insights on developing high quality products that will bind your customers to your cosmetic brand.

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