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Arbro Pharmaceuticals offers a wide array of Contract Manufacturing Services driven by knowledge and innovation. The well managed facility, team of experts, extensive Research and Development and our flexible terms of trade has made us one of the leading Pharma Contract manufacturing companies in India. We help your product reach the market quickly and efficiently thereby saving your cost of capital and time in dealing with the intricacies of the manufacturing process. Our skilled labors and expert technicians work with utmost dedication to produce high quality products. As a fully independent pharmaceutical formulation company, Arbro gives each customer personal attention.

  • Our plant has state of the art machinery that helps in manufacturing highly advanced Pharmaceuticals. What makes us peculiar is the conducive business environment, competitive cost position in operations and top- flight technology.
  • Our pharmaceutical contract manufacturing business is driven by research and development, financial viability, cost advantage.

What is Contract Manufacturing

The concept of Contract Manufacturing in India especially in the Pharmaceutical Industry emerged in the late nineties in the form of shared services. This led to the sharing of premises, facilities, licenses and knowledge capital. Contract manufacturing generally refers to the outsourcing of certain production activities of a company to third-party vendors. This could include outsourcing of the production of specific components or the finished product itself. The pharmaceutical companies share the chemical composition or formula of a drug with pharmaceutical contract manufacturing organizations which in turn mass manufacture them at their facilities. The pharmaceutical industry has seen a tremendous rise in contract manufacturing business.

The idea behind the growing trend of contract manufacturing is the fact that buying equipment for huge production of certain chemicals is expensive so the companies enter into a contract with a manufacturer for production of certain elements and consequently the company combines both to get the final product. It is a form of outsourcing that establishes an agreement between two companies in which one company produces the required material. 

Outsourcing has become a significant aspect of doing business thereby companies get liberty to excel in their expertise instead of dealing with ambiguous procedures of mass production. Clients do not have to maintain manufacturing facilities, purchase raw material or hire labour for finished products. 

Contract manufacturing helps the companies to reduce in house production and ultimately a new scope of variable cost instead of fixed cost paves way for successful business. Interestingly, contract manufacturing services help small businesses to begin selling their product without the hassle of spending a large capital on factory and manufacturing processes. It gives a scope to create and burgeon a successful business without managing staff, managers, workers and production facility. At the same time the hiring firm can stay focused on sinews of the market strength, sales and widen the reach of the product.

 Consequently, the money and resources a company is able to save through contact manufacturing can be diverted to other operations to bolster market strategies, hire staff, reinforce sales effort by utilizing the saved capital. The Company can concentrate and focus on its core values and competencies when a contract manufacturing firm takes on the burden of manufacturing products.

Contract manufacturing Services apparently helps to speed up the reach of products to the market, improves delivery time and services to customers. Consequently, companies tend to enter the market lucidly while delivering consistent production and high-quality products which raises brand awareness and market recognition as a reliable distributor along with better business relationship and indelible partnerships.

Contract manufacturing is increasingly seen as a prudent option by Pharma companies to increase their global market footprint for several glaring reasons such as dwindling profit margins in highly competitive global Pharma marketplace, growing demand for generic drugs, demand for up-to-date processes, demand for high-quality, facilities and cost-effective production technologies as per global regulatory requirements. 

Moreover, the   Government’s initiatives in the healthcare sector, innovation in biologics and rapid rise in growth of diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular diseases and illnesses have been major factors behind the increase in contract manufacturing in Pharma.

Third Party Contract manufacturing

Arbro Pharmaceuticals is a Top Third-Party Manufacturing Pharma Company. Our company manufactures and supplies a wide range of pharmaceutical formulations. Our company offers a monopoly based on a wide range of high quality and safe medicines. We provide good quality medicines at the most reasonable rates. If you are looking for the best contract manufacturing company, Arbro Pharmaceuticals is a laudable choice as we are well equipped with a scientific lab, testing laboratories and innovation ecosystem.

Contract Manufacturing in India

Contract Manufacturing is in line with the Make in India initiative which attracts global companies in India looking to establish alternative manufacturing hubs. The new mantra of business is to focus on what they do best and leave the rest to others. It allows companies to focus on core competencies. Besides it gives numerous glaring advantages like in house manufacturing with lower costs, flexibility, access to external expertise, and reduced capital which in turn increases reliability, reproducibility and stability. What makes India a preferred destination for contact manufacturing is high degree talent pool and affordable labour in terms of comparative costs.

Global firms have been steering towards India mostly through collaborative arrangements and facility sharing. Notably, Liberalisation, Privatization and Globalization (LPG) policy reforms in 1991 paved the way for contract manufacturing services in India. 

The various studies show that the cutting-edge cost advantage has already resulted in more than 50% of the revenue of Indian Pharmaceutical industry coming from overseas markets. The rising innovation in functional distribution and marketing has given a novel dimension to the contract manufacturing services in India.

It cannot be denied that the leading drug and pharmaceutical manufacturers of the world are gradually driven towards Indian companies as their strategic knowledge partners at all levels of value chain, be it in the form of contract manufacturing, contract research, preclinical, clinical trials or contract marketing and contract selling. Contract Manufacturing Pharmaceutical companies play a pivotal role in supporting the government in numerous initiatives in the health sector.

 The Indian Pharma industry has shown tremendous progress on several indices such as infrastructure, technology, product range, regulation compliant manufacturing facilities and earned an exalted position as a top generic Pharma player in the export market to the developed western countries by producing and supplying superior quality pharmaceuticals that come with reasonable pricing.

 The Indian Pharmaceutical companies ensure that they comply with various stringent assessments by several regulatory authorities and maintain high quality standards of purity, stability, international safety, health and environmental protection. The seamless and borderless integration of processes and technology has already taken Indian Pharma Contract Manufacturing to the zenith.

Further, healthcare has become one of the key priorities of the Indian Government and it has launched new policies and programmes to boost local access and affordability to quality healthcare. India will make its mark as a growing market, potential competitor, partner in contract manufacturing services, Research and Development and a perfect destination for clinical trials.

Remarkably, in the last few decades India has seen a considerable growth in the pharmaceutical industry with contract manufacturing in their services. This sector is growing at the rate of 20 per cent with a current market value of $5.5 billion


  •  Quality environment
  •  Professional team support
  •  Strong inventory systems
  •  State-of-the-art facilities
  •  Experienced personnel
  •  Great customer service
  •  Competitive prices
  •  Quality that you can rely on
  •  Our background
  •  Research & Development


Team of Professionals

Whether you are a big or small company, a start-up or already at zenith, Arbro Pharmaceutical can certainly take your brand to the next level by providing top-notch contract manufacturing services. At Arbro Pharmaceutical we strive to maintain good relations with our customers and afford excellent service delivery.

A glance at Manufactured products at Arbro Pharmaceuticals

  • Antibiotics
  • Antimalarials
  • Analgesics & Anti-inflammatory
  • Anthelmintics


  • Gastrointestinal
  • Vitamins & Nutraceuticals
  •  Electrolytes


Reach Out to Our Team

Arbro Pharmaceuticals is a one-stop-solution in providing world-class Pharmaceutical contract manufacturing services. We value your business and look forward to hearing from you!

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