Private Label Cosmetics

Private Label Cosmetics

Private Label Cosmetics Manufacturer

Arbro Pharmaceuticals is a leading manufacturer in the cosmetic industry. We believe in manufacturing relationships by distributing quality and timeless products. As an innovative private label manufacturer, we understand the peculiarity of every business. From the genesis of idea to successful influx of product into the market, our entire gamut of proficient teams weaves your dream into a reality. Arbro offers exclusive private label cosmetics. Our goal is to develop private label cosmetics with our exclusive services to establish your brand with our wide array of production facilities right from inception of notion to the formulation of final product. For 35 years we have been a paragon in the industry with an inspiring and dedicated team of professionals.

In this era of digital economy, consumers have plethora of information on everything at the touch of a button. Apparently, the globalisation of shopping trends has changed the scenario. Moreover, the economic recession has played a vital role in growth of private label brands as shoppers aim to make cost savings. Retailers are now more driven toward private label brands to achieve their twin target to attract customers and gain lucrative margins. Interestingly, the growth of e-commerce and media technology has been major factors behind the rising trend of private label manufacturing.

Remarkably, the trend of private label manufacturing has been on the roll for a long time. In this process we manufacture the products and consequently make deals with huge brands to sell the products under a particular retailer’s brand name. It is beneficial for the seller as well as the manufacturer as brands get an opportunity to widen its customer base and for us it is a greater chance to widen the reach of our manufactured products. In this way, the entire work is divided between the manufacturer and the seller which ultimately steers the business towards the zenith of profitability.

Our Services

At Arbro Pharmaceuticals we offer private labelling and custom formulations for your brand. Our personalised services include creating your own logo, product formulations as per your requirements that suits your product range. The third-party cosmetic manufacturing strikingly helps the retailers or brands to expand and burgeon their business without going beyond their existing capacity.

Quality Control

Being a Private label cosmetic manufacturer, we provide quality products at competitive prices without compromising regulatory requirements. We have an advanced in-house quality control set-up with capability to support the cosmetic manufacturing industry globally. Our clinical and analytical services make us among the premiere cosmetic products manufacturers in India. Moreover, our vision and mission make us the most reliable cosmetic products manufacturer in India.  

A blend of perfect ingredients

The richness and goodness of private label cosmetics and beauty cosmetics depends entirely on the variety of ingredients used for its formulation. Our team extensively researches to formulate best ingredients of utmost standard tested by our experts.

Levels of Services

  • As a third-party cosmetic manufacturer, we provide several tiers of services depending on your budget, right from cost spectrum to product formulation, packaging, branding, analysing competitor products and transforming ideas into innovative commercial products.
  • We support and ensure that as a private label cosmetics manufacturer we provide services beyond your expectations. Whether it is a pilot phase or you are already on a big scale we cater to all your needs and marketing efforts.
  • Arbro Pharmaceuticals is much more than a private label cosmetics manufacturer as we also support you in bringing your own brands into the market. 
  • We are an authentic partner who can collaborate, develop and produce innovations which manifest our dedication and direction.
  • Our focus is in strengthening your brand as we believe that your success is ours and together, we can create compelling competitive advantages in the marketplace.

Cosmetic Testing Lab

Our cosmetic testing lab has been working in amalgamation with the cosmetic industry for more than 25 years and supports the leading cosmetics brands of the country with a vast range of services such as;

  • Testing as per Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) requirements
  • Testing for import registration
  • Cosmetic testing as per buyer or manufacturer specifications
  • Development of cosmetic testing protocols for private label products
  • Analysis of raw materials and active ingredients
  • Safety tests like heavy metals in cosmetics, banned colours and banned chemicals
  • Microbiology testing for microbial counts and pathogens
  • Estimation of active ingredients
  • Functional tests like viscosity, spread-ability, scratch test, pay-off test
  • Sun protection factor
  • Skin irritation studies
  • Stability studies for shelf-life estimation
  • Complaints investigation and troubleshooting
  • Benchmarking against competitor products in the market      
  • Appearance (Aesthetics) test

Our labs are approved by the state FDA and CDSCO under the Drugs and Cosmetics Act for testing of cosmetic products and we can provide cosmetic testing reports on Form 39 for the ingredients and products tested in our laboratory.

We are also accredited by the National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL) to the ISO 17025 standard for chemical and biological testing of cosmetics and carry out the cosmetic testing in compliance with the requirements of the standard.

We have. over the years tested all the possible kinds of products and have developed expertise and a repository of standardised methods and equipment for cosmetic testing. Some of the products we routinely test in our cosmetic testing lab;

  •         Soaps
  •         Lipsticks
  •         Nail polish
  •         Sunscreens
  •         Creams
  •         Bleach
  •         Lotions
  •         Tooth paste
  •         Shaving creams
  •         Perfumes and deodorants
  •         Hair gel
  •         Hair colours and dyes
  •         Hair gel
  •         Henna and Mehndi
  •         Shampoos and conditioners
  •         Baby oils and lotions
  •         Powders
  •         Kajal
  •         Face wash
  •         Face scrub
  •         Fairness creams
  •         Mascara and many more


Our web of process management transforms potential ideas into an innovative commercial product. Our commendable structure, high quality standard, flexibility and innovative strength has made us a paragon in the industry.

(we can add our process chart here and if required could elaborate it too adding valuable inputs)

A leading third-party cosmetics manufacturer

Arbro Pharmaceuticals is one of the top third-party cosmetic manufacturers serving the clients of India and abroad. We provide a wide array of private label beauty cosmetics and third-party cosmetic manufacturing services for hair care, skin care and personal care. We are among the best cosmetic manufacturing companies in India. We provide support and motivate start- ups in the cosmetic industry by providing private label and third-party cosmetic manufacturing service to save their time, cost of equipment’s and gigantic manufacturing system so that they can focus on other aspects to grow their business.  

Research & Development

Arbro Pharmaceuticals Analytical Division also known as Research and Development division has achieved laurels in the field of Research and Development. Our well-equipped in-house laboratory and experts carry out consistent research work in cosmetic products of skin care and hair care. As you choose us on the journey to expand in the private label cosmetic business our Research and Development team coordinate and communicate with you to come up with appropriate formulations and products that can generate profit, stability and sustainability of your products. Our R&D division constantly strives towards development of new formulations. Backed by state-of-the-art analytical laboratories and in-house Research and Development initiatives we are one of the first to come up with off patent formulations as per the demand of mankind. Our R & D unit is recognized by the Department of Science and Technology Government of India. We collect detailed scientific knowledge on our raw materials and their effectiveness for enhancing and expanding our product lines and formulations. Each development process is assigned with a lab number while undergoing systematic testing of several actives and ingredient interactions.  Samples are usually supplied to client focus panels for evaluation, the company can develop and validate methods. The laboratory has also undertaken work in support of process validation, cleaning validation and stability studies. Whether it is routine QC testing, non-routine analysis, R&D projects or advice and consultancy, clients can trust Arbro to provide the appropriate outsourcing solution. All of our staff are committed to the aim of meeting the need for a responsive, accurate, and reliable analytical support service required by these industries.

A glance at our private label manufacturing cosmetics products list  

Our major private label cosmetic manufacturing categories are Skin Care and Hair Care;

  •       Creams
  •       Shampoo
  •       Lotion
  •       Oils
  •       Face Wash
  •       Body Wash
  •       Face Pack
  •       Soap
  •       Toothpaste Powder
  •       Gels
  •       Conditioner
  •       Toners

Arbro Pharmaceuticals is a leading beauty cosmetic manufacturer that provides a unique range of skin care and hair care product formulations for your brands. From formulation to creation, trademark registration, packaging, design, printing we provide all services under one roof. We have efficiently worked with hundreds of clients who are successfully selling the products manufactured by us. 

  • We offer private label manufacturing services for complete personal care products. Our team of graphic designers create outstanding designs as per the client’s requirement and choice to give a panache touch to the product packaging to catch customer’s attention.
  • We help you to choose your product as our experts make this task easier for you to make wise choices as per the requirement of your clients.
  • We guide you to get a wide range of packaging choices to make you brand look fabulous and spiffy.
  • To establish your brand identity that will eventually make your success a reality.
  • We also ensure that the marketing and sales of your product is done in a systematic way so that your business skyrockets in the cosmetic market.


  •       No animal testing
  •       Paraben free
  •       Phthalate free
  •       Sulphate free
  •       Pure and Natural
  •       Organic
  •       Plant Based
  •       Custom Formulations


  •       WHO GMP
  •       FDA Approved
  •       ISO Certified

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