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We are delighted to welcome you to our new division “Consumer Wellness” which will look after the marketing and sales of our innovative products.

For last 30 years Arbro Pharmaceuticals gathered an exceptional expertize in Research and Development. With our fully owned subsidiaries “Arbro Analytical Division” and “Auriga Research” we are amongst top Indian Pharmaceutical Research and drug testing houses.

Growth is the virtue of nature and so of us. With our indigenously developed formulation we decided to forward integrate and start structured marketing. This inspired us to create “Consumer Wellness Division” under the visionary leadership of young and dynamic researcher Dr. Saurabh Arora who has been at the helm of Arbro Analytical Division for more than 10 years. With this creation our intentions are to redefine the market by applying modern science to traditional knowledge.

At “Arbro Consumer Wellness Division” we make great things happen. With 30 years of research backup and hard work of more than 300 scientists we have always endeavored to bring something new to the table. In the same spirit Dr. Saurabh Arora has got breakthrough in the enhanced Bio-availability of phyto-derivatives by modification of Drug Delivery that is “Self-Nano Emulsifying System”. We have been awarded the US Patent for this and about to get an Indian patent as well.

The marketing and sales team at “Arbro Consumer Wellness” will enable us reach millions of people around and bring health and happiness in their lives.


SNEC-30 is “Self Nano Emulsifying Curcumin 30mg” is our original patented formulation which is the highest bio-available form of phyto-derivative Curcumin. This formulation is based on Nano Technology and knows no barriers. Other simple curcumin formulations get trapped in the intestine and hepatic first pass system and fail to achieve the desired results. SNEC-30 by its Self Nano Emulsifying properties does not get trapped in the Intestine and reaches directly into the Lymphatic system bypassing the Hepatic First pass system making it the highest Bio-Available Curcumin compound. Radio Labelled studies show that it crosses even BBB and reaches to even the soft tissues in the extremities. This enables the SNEC-30 to work wonders at very low doses.

More than 4000 research papers published on Curcumin in last 5 years suggest it works in multi therapeutic domains. It is a very good chemo and radio protective, several times more potent analgesic and anti-inflammatory than many available painkillers, an anti-oxidant, Immuno-modulator and so on.

With this brand we intend to give a powerful contrivance to the millions of Doctors in their practice for bringing smile on the face of their patients.

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