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If you want your cosmetic product to reach every nook and corner of the world, beyond any geographical boundary in this digital world then online marketing is something you can’t afford to miss. The global beauty market is predicted to grow to $750 billion by 2024, and growth in the online market has been tremendous. Indeed, it is the most powerful tool to grow your business’s clout and boost your brand image. Several online marketing tools can support your cosmetic business in tons of ways in less time and minimum expenditure.

Here are few amazing and easy ways to give a fillip to your cosmetic business;

Let your target audience find you

 The COVID-19 paradigm shift has completely changed the way consumers select a product. Your presence on social media is vital for your business. Your cosmetic brand can create a community of people who can be your potential customers and target audience.

Let your brand reflect your USP

To begin your brand marketing it is indispensable that you should have a clear approach of what your brand represents. Get a hook of the latest cosmetic beauty trends. Know what your target audience is looking for. Your brand’s USP should be in line with what your consumers expect from a cosmetic product. Your product must be a solution to your consumers. 

Personal Brand works wonder

Influential brands like Estee Lauder, Kylie Jenner and Rihanna became successful in no time as their entrepreneurial effort turned in their favor. Micro influencers also create a major impact in the success of cosmetic brands due to their followers and influence on masses.

Blogs and articles to communicate with your audience

Your blogs and articles will show your idea behind launching the cosmetic brand, your story, challenges, plans and goals of your business. It is an authentic way to connect with your consumers to make them feel good about your brand.

Social media is crucial in this era

Social media can have a huge impact in your brand promotion. It is a sign of your online marketing strength. It connects your audience in the most authentic way be it through Facebook, Youtube or Instagram. These platforms have apparently become a great place to promote your products beyond any geographical boundaries. Interestingly, your consumer would not just get to see your product range but also analyse the result of usage and possibly buy your product.

Outshine online  

Post your content every so often in a consistent way. Respond to your audience and interact with them.

Cross Promote

Cross promoting your channels also increases your audience in an astounding way. Connect with your facebook audience to your instagram and Youtube this will definitely extend your reach to your potential customers and they could see your profile, websites and online store more vividly.

Look for Brand ambassador and micro influencer on Instagram

The best way is to offer discounts or free samples of your products for promotion. The micro influencers have their own target audience and by engaging those with your products will definitely increase your customer base in a fun way.

Video content for consumers

Cosmetic and beauty products tutorial videos get enough views and it is the most watched videos on youtube. You can add short clips while applying the products or recommend some cosmetic products and its benefits. It certainly enhances the impact of a product. The “before-and-after” strategy in video content helps viewers to see the instant effect of the product and it helps them make the decision to buy.

Align a good cause to your business

If your product contains no harmful ingredient, cruelty free or it has a sustainable manufacturing process it will be wise to get aligned with an NGO that supports inspiring initiatives. This will create a warm image of your brand.  This will connect you with people of similar values and increase your customer’s base. Collaborate your brand with a cause that will help you to give magnanimous meaning to your business.

Drive traffic to your cosmetic business website

Steer all the traffic on the internet towards your website through several ways like paid advertising that generate organic traffic to your ecommerce store. The paid Advertising on Google, Facebook, & Instagram. Paid advertising is a direct and quick way to increase the visibility of your website and social media posts. Utilise Facebook Pixel and Google Ads Tag.

Generate Organic Traffic

Organic traffic should be the main source of traffic to your website. Here are quick ways to do so;

  • Email marketing: This may include website/social media content, new products updates, promotions, coupons, and brand newsletters.
  • Blogs: The content should echo your brand’s message. Blogs might include engaging video tutorials.
  • SEO-Optimized Website: Every page on your site, and your website’s structure, should aim to rank well with Google.

Offer Promotions and Discounts

Promotions and discounts help to grab customer’s attention 

Creative Packaging for Your Cosmetics

Packaging creates an initial impression in the mind of customers and it inevitably represents the image of your brand. Creativity will play a major role in packaging of your cosmetic products.

Digital storytelling

Millenials and Gen Z shoppers believe in the opinion of the online community that it is crucial to increase your discoverability and desirability by working with social media influencers and investing in digital storytelling.

‘Product optimization’

Through product optimization businesses can adopt to make their products more visible online, and give users the information they need to make a purchase.

When optimizing your products, consider the following:

  • Product titles

If you are selling your cosmetic product on a third-party platform, product title will help to increase the discoverability of your products.

  • Product descriptions

Your product description must carry the information like how do you apply the product? What ingredients does it contain? Does it tackle any specific skin concerns? Moreover, high-quality product images to promote your products, and keep tabs on your reviews. Positive customer feedback can greatly improve your chances of making more sales in the future. On the contrary negative reviews could smear your brand’s image too.

Create a store page

Online marketplaces like Flipkart and Amazon give a platform for smaller businesses to sell directly to a network of existing customers. You should create a store page that provides full fledged information about your products.

Play with Hashtags

Let people discover your content by using popular hashtags. It is the best way to extend your business’s reach and flow with the trend. So, capture the popular beauty trend and increase your popularity.

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